Wisdom of the Pathwork Guide

This is an teleconference bridge where we read and discuss the Pathwork Lectures.  

Their are 258 lectures that were recieved from the spiritual dimension by an Australian Medium Eva Broch Pierrakkos who immigrated to New York right before World War II and began channeling this complete spiritual course, somewhat akin to the Course in Miracles.  I have found it is a great bridge from our human reality to the greater spirituality and helps us make our life an everyday school, not just Sunday school.  Our whole life is a soul journey that is designed to help us engage and unravel some deeply tangled but priceless part of our higher selves. 

In this discussion group we read one lecture about every two weeks.  We have been doing this for many years now and of the 258 lectures a small group is almost finished.  We will probably repeat or try to organize into thematic sections in the future and perhaps use video as well. Join us in this simple over the phone from the comfort of your own home.  To receive the lecture and notes each time so you know where you are please send me an email request to add you to my list for the Wisdom of the Guide.  I will send at least the day before, the lecture and some notes.  Send to my email at earthwalkways@gmail.com.    If you register here, I will automatically put you on the list for the emails.  

This class is offered for free but we ask if you recieve and participate regularly that you offer a donation periodically.  You can donate on my paypal donate button on my website at http://earthwalkways/programs/ or provide a donation through eventbrite.