The Art of Deep Listening, Soul Whispering & Natural Communion 3 Part Webinar May 2017


Carl Jung describes Spiritual Attainment as a natural unfolding into wholeness.  The Medicine Wheel of Life is that unfolding induced by the natural cycles of life and death.  The Pathwork is a wisdom school that teaches us how to support and cooperate with that unfolding.

This Webinar/Teleseminar will offer a simple mindfulness meditation technique synergized with the Pathwork process.  I call this Process Meditation.  It is a powerful technique for self awareness, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation with the unique initiatory process that is the awakening of each individual to the inherent unified consciousness that is (y)our essence.  It is broken into 3 sections, Deep Listening, Soul Whispering and Natural Communion.  

This is an introduction to my particular approach to embodying the contemporary spiritual path known as the Pathwork*.  I offer it  in sessions and workshops as well as a year long mystery school program.

People are amazed at how quickly they are able to make use of this process and apply it for themselves.   All we need is to keep feeling our feelings and experiencing life fully as it is.  This allows the genius of natures’ creativity and the natural evolution from within including the desireable future to flow from us.  We are the weavers, we are the web.   

There are three interactive sessions on Tuesday evenings  8pm – 9:30 May 2, 9 and 16.  

In Module 1 you will learn this amazing way of tuning into yourself, I call Deep Listening.  There are several complementary techniques you will learn that help you listen deep inside and discover more about yourself than you realized.  You will learn how to recognize the two modalities of feeling and thinking and how to shift into feeling and stay with it. You will learn to listen to your inner weather patterns, your inner atmosphere, and energy currents.  You will learn to experience how you block and try to control the natural unfolding and movement of your inner being.  You will learn how you habitually hold your energies in a way that keeps you in pain.  

In Module 2 We learn to access and awaken the Soul Whisperer, the inner Helper that is your doorway to your Higher Self.  Here the Deep Listening is integrated so that the Heart is married with Awareness creating Healing Presence, and we learn another kind of “holding”,  a space of holding that allows instead of restricts, a space of acceptance embracing everything.  We learn the art of being with what is and discover how that supports us.  We learn how to calm and work with our inner fears and images and negative emotions who need to be held and re-educated.   

In Module 3 we learn that we are all in this together and that there is a Natural Communion inherent in it all.  We learn that we are not alone and that cooperators are standing by and inner and outer resources are there if we ask.  We have to let go of the “doing it all by myself” solution of the unsupported child and realize that help is all around you, including the Natural World.  Module three will include the last but also first step of this Process Meditation technique, which is calling light and seeking help, healing and guidance, calling it to our distress, in the moment.  Then the healing can happen.  We cannot do the healing ourself.  It is from spirit but we  have to create the conditions within us so it can happen and we have to  learn to ask.  I will also give some suggestions in learning how to work with this process in Nature and use Nature’s amazing portal to inner peace and deeper knowing.    

You don’t have to be on the call to be a part of the class but I teach this with demonstrations and meditations so you will gain much more if you can make the calls.  

This process awakens our positive appreciation of the world and the deep pleasure of life as well. It helps us clear our energy field so we feel our gratitude channel and the uplift of spirit.  Then we notice when we have need to clear ourselves.

In addition to the 3 recorded conceptual sessions with demonstrations and meditations, I include various youtube videos and additional materials for you to explore.  This is the last time I will be offering All this at the introductory rate of $60.00 .

Everyone will get a chance to apply this process so we can all learn from each other. 

This will be followed by an optional series of 3 practice sessions.  

Please feel free to call me at 540 752 5540 if you have any questions.

Darlene Rollins has studied the Pathwork for 32 years and has been a Pathwork Helper for 25 years.  She owns small private retreat near Fredericksburg Virginia where she offers a beautiful natural sanctuary for sacred refuge and retreat.  She can provide Deep Listening Soul Whispering support sessions and Natural Communion retreat support as well.  She offers individual Pathwork sessions in person and on the phone or skype.  Pathwork Groups and private retreats and workshops as well as her webinars.   You might enjoy exploring her website at