Singing to Nature for Healing of Self and Planet

Nature is a realm of being and beings.  Come learn the ancient way, in contemporary form, of calling on the forces of nature to work with and heal us.  By giving life, through our songs to these beings with praises and thanksgiving we also affirm we are children of the Earth and we seek our healing so we can help heal.  The planet receives our love in this beautiful ceremony that uplifts us into our hearts and reminds us again and again of the simple truths of life. 

I come from a tradition that has many such healing hyms so we will start with learning some of these that we can refine by singing in conscious union.  Then we will add more hymns and favorites that people might bring to add to our collection.  

This singing in union the hymns of calling appreciation and alignment with nature creates a space of energy and light that helps awaken us and gives light to all beings.  

You do not need to have a great voice as singing in union blends and we sing better as we risk fully singing.  You may not realize what a good voice you have.  Get out of self-consciousness and learn to be free.  You may receive songs yourself.  

I hope to make this an ongoing event with at least a core group of people learning the hymns and that will help new people be supported in the power of the singing for thier own healing.  

This is a healing form working with energies at the collective level.  This is a powerful and beautiful new soft technology to help clear us and shift us into our hearts.  If you love to sing, and/or you love nature, come and give it a try.