Pathwork Spiritual Process Group

From 1957 to 1978 an Austrian woman named Eva Broch Peirakkos channeled a body of spiritual material that while not as well known as the Course in Miracles, is becoming more and more known by CIM practioners, Buddhist Mindfulness Practioners, Awakening students and Healers as the most grounded useful spiritual handbook for life on earth for these contemporary times.  An amazing trail guide for life’s journey these teachings became known as the Pathwork Lectures.  They are available free on line from the International Pathwork Foundation who holds the copyright.  Please offer a donation if this material is found to be useful. 

Now, 60 years after the first lecture was recieved there are many students who have spent a life time working with this material.  Those who want to share it with others are trained in a method of Spiritual Support known as Helpership.  They offer programs, workshops, on line and teleconference discussions of the lectures and the way of working known as the Pathwork Process.   As each person integrates these teachings into thier own life, they find a way to follow and work with this material in unique ways.  

Darlene Rollins completed her helpership training in 1993 and after a period of apprenticiship claimed her own  helpership in 1997.  She began studying the Pathwork in 1984 and has used it to give great meaning and beauty to all she has encountered in life.  Now at age 66, hers is an eldership and wisdom born not from books but from having walked the path for many years herself.  She is living testimony to the effectiveness of this work to help us live the life we long for and heal the history and suffering that we carry.  

There are several ways you can explore this path.   There is a bi-monthly lecture discussion class on teleconference line.  There is an online group and a local group.  There is a residentual program and weekend workshops at Sevenoaks Retreat, the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Retreat. 

Here you can register for the Local group that meets at the Earthwalk Retreat about every 3rd Sunday from 9:30-12:30, and sometimes there is a day long workshop, Breathwork or Movement Class.  

Also explore the Lectures from the comfort of your own home.  See Wisdom of the Guide Lecture Study/Discussion Group.  

Feel free to contact me for more information.  540 752 5540.