Natural Communion Sweat Lodge in Honor of the Seasons of Life

Join us for a beautiful earth based ceremony in honor of the seasons of life, as we sit in the heart of the Fall and prepare for the coming Winter.   We will inaugurate a new Lodge which will have only natural materails for a cover.  

First timers are welcome and my approach to the lodge is to let Mother Earth support us as we ground deeply and expand to connect to spirit.   Each lodge is a time of emptying out what no longer serves us and recieving the blessings and upgrades from spirit we are ready for.  

Because we lay the blankets on the lodge and build the fire as part of the ceremony this is several hours and pepole are welcome to come and camp over on Saturday.  We will start the fire at 11 on Saturday and look to go into the lodge around 2.  Help covering the lodge is appreciated and people can arrive as early as 9:30.  It is good to come for as much of the time of preparaton as possible.  Just being out in the woods, tending the fire and holding the space helps you arrive at a deeper place of receptivity for the Lodge.  

I ask for a donation or work exchange that is equivalent to this beautiful all day ceremony and preparations and clean up after.  If you can afford between 50 and 75 it is greatly appreciated.  Work exchanges are welcome.  We also complete the lodge by sharing food, so bring something for a Pot Luck dinner.  I provide a hearty bean soup and so bring salads, fruits, breads, chips, cheese, etc. 

Please call me in advance to confirm you attendance and if you will come for the weekend or just the day.  
I also need to give you information on what to bring in terms of cloths and food etc and how to find me if you are new here. You can register and give your donation here or call me and we can make other arrangements.   I look forward to a beautiful lodge together.  540 752 5540