Forest “Bathing”: Spring Infusion of Vitamin N for the Soul

Forest “Bathing” or bathing in the atmosphere of the forest is the most nurturing form of mindfulness and contemplation that I know of.   We have forgotten how to just be still and let the sounds and sights of the forest bring us into a natural harmony and communion with them. 

This is the most healing thing we can do for ourselves.  Scientific studies show the lasting effects this simple and pleasurable activity can have on our whole system.  It seems to bring us into a natural state of relaxed presence and brings our autonomic nervous system into its parasympathetic response which lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and other stress indicators.  

But the best part is that it feels really good too.  Lifts spirits, invokes creativity and supports interpersonal harmony.  Its great fun to do in a group and share the experience.  All we have to do is be still and let the forest find us, and remind us to return to our senses.   This almost first day of Spring is the perfect time to wander out to feel and discover the little hints of new life bubbling up from the ground and all around us. 

  add a closing fire circle and snacks for a beautiful infusion of vitamin N. The bluebells might be blomming along the river.  Hope to see you here.   20.00

Call me if you have any quesitons.  540 752 5540.  Guide Training Program available in May.  Come and experience this for yourself and then learn to bring it to others.  

This is a Virginia Artesan Trail Network event.  Come explore your backyard!  
A wonderful way to welcome in the Spring!