Expanding the Light

Make this your Mid-Winter Retreat.  This is not a free event, but you must register on the Sevenoaks site.  the cost ranges from 40- 170 depending on the lenght of your stay.  Cost is for room and board only so it is a wonderful deal and a great way to thaw out in the warmth of companions on the spiritual journey.  

This offering from the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork is a full weekend of workshops and presentations donated by the Pathwork Helpers.   Go here for the events listing.   A wonderful way to discover Sevenoaks and the Pathwork.   Here is the link to the programs being offered.  https://www.sevenoaksretreat.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Feb-2018-PW-wkd-workshop-schedule.pdf

You can come for a Day, a meal or the whole weekend. Discover Sevenoaks, 130 acre campus of protected natural space and meeting rooms, dorm rooms and a kitchen that gets rave reviews for its simple, delicious and healthy meals prepared by a staff who adds a good helping of love and support for the guest. Below is a link to the list of workshops and presentations. Come for the opening ceremony if you can, and sign up at registration to ensure your 1st choice. If you know you cannot come early you can contact me with you preferences. earthwalkways@gmail.com https://www.sevenoaksretreat.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Feb-2018-PW-wkd-workshop-schedule.pdf

You must register here https://www.sevenoaksretreat.org/events/midwinter-pathwork-community-weekend/