Earthwalk Ways Discovery Channel: Mind Expanding Movie Nights!

Gather at Earthwalk Ways for a series of Mind Expanding Video Presentations to take us deeper into the emerging new paradigm of unified teachings from all faiths.  Lets begin with Mythic Literacy, Joseph Campbell’s interviews with Bill Moyers, called the Masks of God.  A fabulous round the world study of the archetypes of Life and Purpose.  

Our culture lacks a cohesive cosmology which was what helps us feel our union in the previous mythic worlds we inhabited.  This understanding takes us beyond any one cosmology to the shared elements of all cultures.   

I also love Brian Swimme’s Canticle to the Cosmos, and other mind bending presentations on the Sacred Feminine, the Sacred Earth and the teachings of many great spiritual mystics.  

Let’s listen, discuss and enjoy each other at least once a month.  Kick off Sunday November 19th.  These coming Winter Months are perfect for gathering and listening to the stories of Creation.  Bring snacks to share.  I will make a wonderful home made chai and other teas and drinks.