Earth Day Earthwalk Ways Sweat Lodge

This Earth based ceremony is perfect for Earth Day.  Come and give your prayers, songs, blessings, heart and anything that you are ready to transform in your life, in service to beauty, balance and unity.  Based on the medicine wheel of wholeness and balance, transformation and change, Mother nature is an amazing alchemy of forces woven into the beauty that is creator’s delight.  

First timers are welcome.  Come and help build the sacred fire that heats the stones who carry the memories of the Earth, and store the heat from the fire to bring into our lodge so we can melt and wash our spirits clean.  We come to pray with and for all of creation and our Mother Earth especially needs our prayers in these times and we need healing and prayers to soothe our own anger and hurting.  Everything is shaking and so unite with our Mother and give her our gratitude.  

The heated stones are brought into the lodge and water is poured making steam.  This is a deeply contemplative process that brings us fully into the moment, and we celebrate the sacred alchemy of the elements of creation.  

Please feel free to call for questions and to make arrangements for work exchanges or other options.  
We have a pot luck after the lodge and I make a big pot of bean soup and invite everyone to bring something to share.  You will need a couple of changes of cloths and I am hidden away a little so please contact me directly for directions as well.  

540 752 5540

This is an all day event and takes a day to prepare so I appreciate it if you can offer a donation of 50-75 dollars but I can always use support and work exchanges are most welcome.  

Please consider coming Saturday evening and camping over to make a whole weekend adventure of it.