Earth Day Beauty Way

Celebrate the beauty and artistry of Mother Earth.  
  Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.
     Let Her Beauty inspire you and Her Creativity pour through you.
         Join us for this amazing celebration of beauty and creativity as keys to finding our way forward into the future, at this time of “Dire Beauty.”
   Come for a day of reflective creative communion. 

Start with a Forest Bathing meditation along Enchanting Run.
Bring easils and sketch pads and camera’s.
                    Find your power spot along the creek.
Bring original songs, old favorites, music and poems
                           for Mother Earth Voices open mike.     
Bring journals to write a poem or song about some place
                           of beauty you find here.
Create your own nature crafts: sand tray altar’s
                                prayer sticks/dream catchers/???
Enjoy the Labyrinth or a Vision Walk to the river
                                 to get your creative juices flowing;   
Closing Fire/Drum Circle: Unified field of heart/mind presence. 

Stay overnight and join us for an Earth Blessing Sweat Lodge on Sunday.
  Contact me to make your plans for the day!  Darlene Rollins  540 752 5540 
    RSVP required.  Limited Tickets so we won’t be overrun. Get yours early.  Carpool if you can.

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