Ancient Future Full Moon Fire-Drum-Talking-Circle

A new twist to our deep listening experiment in the collective consciousness of the drumming circle, this Ancient Futures practice of the Talking Stick and the Council Fire is calling to be practiced among us again. 

 Come join us for our Full Moon Drumming Circle and this time come prepared to circle up and share around the fire as the Talking Stick is passed.  I will introduce this practice and point to some of its amazing properties that can heal and help us.  

People of all levels of experience are welcome to join the drumming and I have extra instruments.  If some of the really good drummers come we can really go into some wonderful trance sessions. 

So everyone is invited and if you have instruments bring them, but also bring a story to share.  This is not something you think about as to what all you will say, as part of this practice is listening deeply and speaking spontaneously in the moment. 

 Come early for a picnic and enjoy the afternoon on the creek.  Recharge in the energetic flows of Mother Nature. 

Setting up for these events requires some effort so I appreciate  knowing my actual count of whose coming. 

 I am requesting that you offer a donation with your registration this time.  You can also contact me and make other arrangements by calling 540 752 5540.  I am requesting a donation of 10.00 per person but you can also put in what works for you.  That will let me know you will be coming.  If something does come up and you need a refund I can arrange to do that.  Thank you for supporting me in getting everything set up. 

People are welcome as always to come early and enjoy the land, have a picnic, walk down the creek or hang out in the hammock.

 Contact me for directions and help with parking.