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Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual Mentoring sessions and groups. Our Life is a spiritual journey and its purpose is the evolution...

Spiritual Mentoring sessions and groups.

Our Life is a spiritual journey and its purpose is the evolution of consciousness.  We are a beautifully endowed creature of great sensitivity and the universe is a wonderland of experience.   Every experience we encounter has great purpose according to the soul’s understanding which is often obscure to the personality who interprets it in a more limited and often fearful and negative way.   Life is so immense and it contains pain and loss as well as pleasure and fulfillment.  This creates a confusion and contraction against the flow of life experience and this creates the challenges we face.

I offer a kind of spiritual direction or spiritual mentoring which works with your unique life experience to penetrate into a deeper understanding of why you are undergoing and perhaps somewhat lost in a particular experience, negative pattern or disharmony in your life  now.  It opens us to a kind of alternative story that is life giving.  Ultimately the Truth goes beyond all stories we can imagine,  and then returns us to the experience and the stories that we create from a radically different and awakened perspective.

This is an integral work with all the levels of our being including the mask, shadow, trans-personal and unitive levels.  I teach a form of meditation that I call Process Meditation and I also teach Natural Communion; both are a way of creating a direct connection with our larger spiritual reality, healing past trauma and freeing our inner being to live through our life in a harmony that the ego cannot attain by itself.  When we relax into the larger Self, more of our innate creativity, love, and joy shine through.

People come to this work because they are seeking a very complete spiritual path that includes their everyday life and all their feelings and struggles and limitations.  People come because they are in transition or in pain of some kind, spiritually, emotionally, physically which is driving them deeper into themselves for the answers.    People come wanting and ready to wake up completely. To deeply question the ultimate nature of Self.   People come because their mediumship is opening up and they are encountering and working with beings that are not incarnate, having powerful dreams or visions.

I have been doing the Pathwork since 1984 but my whole life has been a search for what I have found.  I was trained and began teaching and helping others  in 1992.  In that same year I founded the Earthwalk Retreat.

Most people are amazed at how much clarity they get with an intro session.  I like to offer a sample of the way I would work with you so you can tell if it seems resonant and useful to you.

I have set aside Monday evenings at 8pm for anyone who wants to call in and talk to me about my work and experience the kind of work I offer.  I am also available at other times if you want to call and schedule and introductory session.   540 752 5540