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Nature Retreat

Nature Retreat  Experience the healing power of nature.   Try an "on your own" or supported Nature Retreat near...

Nature Retreat 

Experience the healing power of nature.   Try an “on your own” or supported Nature Retreat near Fredericksburg, Virginia;
Individual personalized retreats,  intensives, workshops, classes, luncheons & day retreats in a beautiful natural sanctuary.

Natural Sanctuary

This nature retreat borders a rocky stream that flows down a small secluded canyon to the Rappahannock River.  There are 4,000 acres of wild riparian public land accessible from the retreat along “Enchanting Run” and up and down the Rappahannock River. It is our natural play ground and green sanctuary. Mixed hardwood and beach with ferns and faery rings, and natural zen gardens in every part.  

Nature Retreat

Rappahannock River near Turkey Island

Follow the stream down to the Rappahannock River and wade out to Turkey Island. Fishing, birding, photography, nature crafts, journaling and creative writing are some of the activities people enjoy here. Pathwork and Forest Therapy are the signature support programs offered here.   There is a tree stand that will give you a squirrel’s eye view and a great hammock overlooking the stream.; There is a pre-columbian rock art hand print down the canyon. Other attractions include:

• Meditation Path
• Classical Garden Labyrinth
• Outdoor Hot Tub
• Fire Circle Area
• Sweat Lodge
• Medicine Wheel

Nature Retreat

A Pre-Columbian Rock Art Hand Print on a cliff above Enchanting Run

Indoor Accomodations
Check out the Photo Gallery and Virtual Tour.

B&B Style retreat room in the lodge w/small refrigerator, microwave and hot plate. (for light cooking only.) Or ask Darlene to handle your meals.  Adjacent shower, wood stove, second room with extra bed and massage chair.

Or stay in a lovely little self contained trailer, with queen bed, refrigerator, oven and stove, shower and toilet off by itself in the woods on a hill above the stream. Great for “on your own” retreats or when you want to be more secluded.

Nature retreat

Lodge at Earthwalkways Nature Retreat

Both spaces include use of the  steam shower  and the Yoga/media room. There are drums and guitars in addition to cd’s and dvd’s for excercise, education, movement, breathing and moving music and guided meditations.    See the Program page for list of all the kinds of supported retreat experiences I offer.

Nature retreat

Secluded fully equipped retreat trailer for your clamping experience!

Mother Nature’s Day Retreat
or Organizational Luncheon



For a great getaway with friends or for an organizational
or business luncheon experience try a Day Retreat
(see the pdf link above)  or a Forest Therapy Luncheon Retreat.

Nature Retreat

Forest Therapy Luncheon

Business and Organizational Luncheons would include meeting space, luncheon and 90 minutes to 3 hours of Forest Therapy.

The Pdf brochure gives an example of a schedule for a full day retreat for yourself or your group.

You will be amazed at how productivity and creativity are enhanced in these meetings.  Research shows that being in nature and staying present has really great benefits for health and creativity, mainly through activating our relaxation response.  In our world we have an imbalance and overuse of the flight/fight response which is what causes modern stress and chronic disease.  Forest Therapy is the perfect anitdote and brings us back into the wine and dine mode.  A relaxed sensory feast will do wonders to rebalance and recharge your co-workers and yourself.

Nature Retreat

Forest Bathing On Enchanting Run

This program is also being offered at Sevenoaks Retreat near Charlottesville Va for larger groups or maybe you have a wonderful venue at your location.

 Contact me for more details.   540 752 5540 or Go to my blog and sign up for my newsletter for more information on this great recreational therapy.  Take the edge off and see how much more gets done. May the Forest Be With You.

Contact me in Fredericksburg, Virginia, for more information about visiting my natural sanctuary for retreats & relaxing day services.