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Sue Mosher 

Ceud taing — 100 thanks — to Darlene for allowing our group to visit The Earthwalk Retreat and hold our ceremony for Brigid’s Day there. It is such a place of sanctuary in every meaning of the word! Descending into the hollow, you can really feel the love that has kept this place so well tended, and that makes it super easy to relax and allow the senses to immerse themselves in the beauty and wonder, sight and sound. I never knew there could be so many different kinds of ice in one small area. The variety of mosses was just as amazing. I heard deep in my body what I think it needed to hear. After our walk in the woods, sitting around the fire pit, watching the bright moon rise in a dark winter sky was a moment of perfect community. I look forward to returning and experiencing this lovely landscape and Darlene’s hospitality in other seasons.

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